Why Foster With Us?

Therapeutic fostering

‘The mind-set is refreshing; the value base is all about the children’

(Ofsted report 2016)

What is therapeutic fostering?

  • Unfortunately, too many children move from one foster family to the next foster family, often prompted by the child’s behaviour.
  • Empathy, insight and a reflective approach can make the difference to a foster carer in being able to understand and think about what might be influencing this behaviour. This shift in thinking means behaviours can be viewed afresh as “meaningful communications” about the inner states of conflict a child might be experiencing.
  • Equally important for the foster carer is having the same degree of insight and understanding of their own feelings, behaviour and responses.
  • This reflective approach is part of the” Care giving Secure Base model” which can make a very real difference between a foster carer responding to or rejecting the child in their care.
  • We do not train our foster families to be therapists but provide them with the skills and knowledge to become “emotionally insightful” and to think therapeutically.

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