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Therapeutic support

‘The mind-set is refreshing; the value base is all about the children’

(Ofsted report 2016)


  • At Lighthouse we view the maintenance of every child’s mental wellbeing as a top priority. Our non-stigmatising, inclusive therapeutic approach ensures all children will receive an integrated model of care. This includes regular training for Foster Carers in assisting children to develop a self-confidence and belief in their ability to cope emotionally with the past, present and future. Children are involved and encouraged to think about their mental well-being and to participate in the support available.
  • All children have robust and rigorous risk assessments and safe care plans.
  • In addition, children are monitored regularly to ensure that they are making progress and individual SMART objectives are set for each child when placed.
  • Foster Carers are a key part of the therapeutic approach and they are given professional training to ensure that they can support children and young people in a therapeutic way.
Where appropriate we have a therapeutic advisor who can source the right therapy for any child.

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